Smart Energy Workshop II

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 in Konstanz, Germany

As the share of renewable energy sources in our modern energy systems is increasing continuously, solutions to add these sources to our energy mix in a flexible way are becoming more important. Battery systems are going to play a growing and important role.

Attending the Smart Energy Workshop II is free of charge.

Welcome to CoSSMic

CoSSMic stands for Collaborating Smart Solar-powered Microgrids. Our consortium is currently researching the coupling of solar panels with smart energy sharing solutions and storage capabilities for a sustainable future!

Project Partners

The CoSSMic consortium unites partners and leading experts from academia and industry as well as local governments to cover all stakeholder requirements.

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We are committed to the dissemination of knowledge to serve scientists, industry and the general public. Here you can find a range of downloadable resources.

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Project Storyboard

Not much of a reader? Here you’ll find our project concepts and ideas explained in an easy to read infographic.

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Here you can find a complete overview of our scientific publications for the CoSSMic project.

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Energy Management Strategies

What is energy management and why is it necessary? Find the answer here, as well as an overview of the strategies that CoSSMic developed.

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Upcoming Events

There is always some event upcoming in the fields of energy management, smart grids, solar energy or software development.

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We are well connected. The CoSSMic consortium is not the only party working towards a more sustainable Europe. We have contact with other consortia and a wide array of partners from academia, industry, government as well as various NGOs.

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Presentations and videos from the Smart Energy Workshop 2015, Konstanz (Germany)

Here you can find all the available presentation PDF’s, interviews and video registrations from the Smart Energy Workshop in July 2015 in Konstanz, Germany.

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Our mission:

sharing smart energy management software

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