4th plenary meeting 22-24 September 2014 in Amsterdam

The 4th plenary meeting of the CoSSMic project has been hosted by Boukje.com and was co-located with the PVSEC conference 2014 at the RAI in Amsterdam. A particular focus this time was to prepare for the reporting to the commission for the first period (M1-M12) and for the 1st review. The 1st review will be a remote review, where the reviewers will assess the progress and status of the project based on inspecting the deliverables only. This poses a special challenge for the 1st prototype, which needs to be able to present itself to the reviewers rather than being demonstrated at a review meeting by a project participant. Consequently much time was spent on the design and integration planning for the prototype.

Again there were lively discussions regarding the need for business models encouraging the establishment of CoSSMic neighbourhoods, and how to stimulate the creation and growth of an online community of CoSSMic users. Obviously these are challenging issues.

The social programme included a guided city walk from RAI to the center of Amsterdam with a special focus on architecture. Otto Paans, leader of WP7 and PhD student in Architecture at the TU Berlin was our guide. During the walk we passed several nice examples of the \Amsterdam School’ – a movement within urbanism and architecture that developed together with socialism and the Bauhaus during the late 19th and early 20th century. Amsterdam school architecture is characterized by its emphasis on craftsmanship, the use of brickwork while the need to develop affordable housing was formative of its focus on residential housing.

Photo gallery of this meeting