Workshop ‘Sustainability Pays Off’ 4 November 2014 in Konstanz

The 4th of November, a broad consortium of cooperating local partners in Konstanz organized a workshop at Sunny Solar Technik with the title Klimaschutz rentiert sich (Sustainability pays off). The presentations during this workshop were focused on the new integrated Klimaschutzkonzept (Sustainability concept) of the city of Konstanz, recent developments in the feed-in tariffs and actual costs of photovoltaics in Germany, accompanied by a tour through the fully sustainable building of Sunny Solar Technik by its owner, Mr. Michael Simon and a presentation of the energy vision for the future by Dr. Kristian Peter of ISC Konstanz.

With the recent price developments in Germany, the installation of PV is a very safe and realistic investment for small and medium-sized companies. This opens up many new perspectives for smart grids and poses new challenges with regards to local storage and the coupling of technologies to create not only passive buildings, but to actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

CoSSMic partners Stadt Konstanz, ISC Konstanz, Sunny Solar Technik and participated in this workshop, discussing already about any future activities that CoSSMic might undertake in the test region of Konstanz.

Photo gallery of this meeting