CoSSMic visits the Open Energy Monitor lab

from left to right: Glyn Hudson, Thomas Vilharino (CoSSMic) and Trystan Lea

from left to right: Glyn Hudson, Thomas Vilharino (CoSSMic) and Trystan Lea

The Cossmic consortium has decided to use the Emoncms software as a baseline component for storing and processing energy and sensor-monitored data on the project trial sites in Konstanz (Germany) and Caserta (Italy). Based on that, Thomas Vilarinho (SINTEF) has visited the Open Energy Monitor lab (the company driving the development of the Emoncms) in Bangor, Wales (UK) in the end of March.

Thomas got to know the faces behind the Emoncms software and Open Energy Monitor project. He got to learn about the future plans for the Emoncms and the different hardware they have been creating as part of their project, including their new kickstarter campaign.

Trystan Lea, from the Open Energy Monitor, presented their work on the introduction of “apps” in the next release of the Emoncms software. Moreover, he showcased an app they have been working on which mixes the display of the local energy production/consumption with the live availability of green resources on the grid. The possibility to more easily mix the local monitoring data with external open APIs provides innovative possibilities for the future of Smart Cities.

Besides those discussions, Thomas presented the CoSSMic project and the different software pieces that are being developed in it. The software being developed in CoSSMic will be released as open source and some of it has been identified as very relevant for the Open Energy Monitor community.

On his tour, Thomas also dropped by to Manchester and met Matthew Fawcet from Carbon Coop, which is part of the NobelGrid project. They discussed the synergies between both projects and how the findings from CoSSMic can help pave the base for the work in NobelGrid.