2nd plenary meeting 5-7 February 2014 in Trondheim

The 2nd plenary meeting was hosted by SINTEF and took place in the SINTEF headquarters in Trondheim.

The primary objectives of this meeting was to discuss and elaborate requirements based on input from the user oriented workshop in Konstanz in December, and to present and discuss possible underpinning technologies. Furthermore we had a lively discussion on the idea of the online community, concluding that as a small actor on the renewable energy scene, we need to piggyback as far as possible on existing structures, for example the Energiewende in Germany.

The social programme included a guided tour of the Trondheim cathedral and the Archbishops residence, dating back to the beginning of the previous millennium, followed by a common dinner.

Kickoff meeting 9-11 October 2013 in Caserta

The CoSSMic Kickoff meeting has been hosted by the Province of Caserta, one of the trial partners in CoSSMic, and gathered 28 participants. The meeting took place in the Palazzo della Provincia di Caserta.

On the first day, we embedded an open workshop aiming to attract interest from the local community. This section was attended by around 50 people, including representatives of the local press. The program included speeches by the President of the Province of Caserta Domenico Zinzi and several other high ranking officials, emphasizing the importance of transitioning to a more sustainable energy supply for the province, and by representatives of the project presenting the project idea and the need for local participation in the planned trials. In the discussion session at the end, several potential participants spoke up.

The next two days were devoted to elaborating and communicating the project concept among the participants and consolidating and detailing the work plan. Since CoSSMic is a cross-disciplinary project, an important aspect was to bridge the gaps between the different scientific communities involved and to establish a common understanding of the project objectives and aims.

On the social side the program included a guided tour to the famous Royal Palace of Caserta, constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples, and a traditional dinner at the hotel Vanvitelli, named after the architect of the palace Luigi Vanvitelli.

Photo gallery of this meeting