Mission Statement


FP7 Collaborative Project no. 608806
Project duration: october 2013 – September 2016
Strategic objective: 7.1 b

CoSSMic aims to:

Cope with the mismatching fluctuations in energy demand and renewable energy production with less carbon footprint. Grid operators use back-up systems that run usually on fossil fuels. If we can make these backup systems redundant, we can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas, as well as the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Coordinate energy use between users on local grids

By coordinating and controlling the energy use in the local grid and adapting power demand to local supply, we shave the peaks of energy exchange with the pubic grid, leading to reduced transfer costs and ultimately lower consumer prices.

Coordinate the use of local energy storage

The obvious way to cope with mismatching fluctuations in energy demand and supply is to utilize storage, but batteries are expensive By coordinating the use of batteries available in the local grid, we can do better with less total storage capacity, thus reducing the need to invest in expensive storage.

Allow consumers full control

The coordination and control exploits flexibility in demand defined by the CoSSMic users. Using smart devices such as smartphones or touchpads, consumers can communicate with CoSSMic hardware installed in your house, allowing them to set preferences and constraints governing the coordination and control system. Moreover, this degree of control allows consumers to see how the CoSSMic system performs in terms of locally produced energy and how storage capacity is shared between the households to the common benefit.

Test this idea with real users

To test these concepts and ideas, CoSSMic contacted users in Konstanz (Germany) and Caserta (Italy) that will test the technology and see if the ideas that underline it function in practice.