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Province di Caserta

The province of Caserta is an Italian province of Campania with 920.560 inhabitants. It handles all administrative tasks for the management of public schools, environmental monitoring, management of waste (in particular waste treatment plants), the integrated water cycle both surface and groundwater. The Province of Caserta exercises its powers by pursuing political objectives and social law assigns to it. The Province makes interventions to promote the full implementation of the principles of equality and equal dignity of citizens in respect of the human person. Bases its action to overcome the imbalances between areas of the country and between categories of citizens.

The Province, as an institution intermediate adopts programming as a method and means of agreement between the Region, Mountain Communities and Municipalities. The Province also bases its administrative activity the principle of cooperation with the mountain communities and municipalities, in order to achieve the coordination of autonomous in the province. For this purpose, respecting the autonomy of the mountain communities and municipalities, it sets:

a)  ways of connecting with other Local Authorities and comparison of their addresses and programs;
b)  computer support, technical and organisational measures for increasing job entrusted to the municipalities as individuals and groups in mountain communities or in unions of municipalities;
c)  means and procedures to the action of the various levels of government on all matters and activities of common interest.

The Province of Caserta is currently implementing the following projects funded by the European Commission: PROVIDUNE project funded under the EU LIFE + 2007; Project SAPUCCA: Sharing Alternative Practises for the Utilization of confiscated Criminal Assets”, funded under the Programme ISEC 2009; EVS project: the Province of Caserta has been accredited as a body of Return, Reception and Coordination for Action 2 “European Voluntary Service” of the Youth in Action Programme, with the code 2009 – IT-154, youth mobility projects designed for non-formal education of young people aged 18 to 30 years, valid until 05 October 2012. The Province of Caserta, therefore, is implementing the project “YPEP – Young people for the European Province” within the Youth in Action Programme 2007-2013 – Action 2 – European Voluntary Service.

Main tasks in the project

The Province of Caserta will act as a trial area for the smart grid applications. Equipment will be placed and measurements will be done to provide useful data to the partners. The Province of Caserta will closely collaborate with their peers to disseminate the results from the trials.

People involved in the project

Dr. Julius Salzillo: Expert in information technology. He currently works with the Province of Caserta and the Public Consortium CST “Terra di Lavoro” as consultant for planning, coordination and quality control information system, designer of computer systems – Support Specialist – Coordination and Monitoring, Designer, Director Lav., coordinator and quality control (Activities of e-gov. POR Campania OO 5.1). In 2007 he was Consultant to the municipality of Formicola (CE) alongside the outermost regions and for coordination and monitoring of the project funded by the Executive reuse Reg Campania (POR – measure 6.2). Project manager of computer systems. Also in 2007 he was Consultant for town of Capua (CE) for the preparation of the final design reuse funded by the Campania Region (POR – measure 6.2) as well as a consultant for the City of Pignataro Maggiore. From 2005 to 2008 he was consultant to the Regional Council of Campania for the technical coordination of regional information systems. From 2004 to 2005 he was Consultant town of Caserta in the preparation of projects financed by the European Community.

Dr. Rosita Caiazzo: Chartered Accountant and Auditor. Since 2004 she is permanent employee of the Province of Caserta. From 2001 to 2004 she had three short-term employment contracts with the province of Caserta, each lasting a year and a framework in the like official. Since September 12, 2007 held the position of head of administration of the Public Consortium for e-government “CST Terra di Lavoro”. Since 1998, she gained a wealth of experience in the project management, management and reporting of operations undertaken by public and funded by the European Commission, the Government and the Region of Campania. During her professional career, has developed strong expertise and experience in the management of working groups also complex, with responsibility for results, carrying out tasks of coordination, planning and design.